How much aluminum core wire should be used for 500 meters of 30KM motor

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Wire Size Calculator. Enter the information below to calculate the appropriate wire size. Voltage - Enter the voltage at the source of the circuit. Single-phase voltages are usually 115V or 120V, while three-phase voltages are typically 208V, 230V or 480V. Amperes - Enter the maximum current in amps that will flow through the circuit.

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Ground Wire Size Calculator. Enter the information below to calculate the appropriate ground conductor size. Select Ampere Rating or Setting of Automatic Overcurrent Device in Circuit Ahead of Equipment Not Exceeding: - 15 Amperes 20 Amperes 30 Amperes 40 Amperes 60 Amperes 100 Amperes 200 Amperes 300 Amperes 400 Amperes 500 Amperes 600 Amperes ...

What should be the minimum size of earth wire?

Answer (1 of 15): Follow your local building code for electrical standards. If the region you live in has not specific electrical code, or the codes are not strictly enforced, you can use the one size smaller available gauge than your live/neutral wires. For example, L/N: 4

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Aluminium current-carrying is equal to 0.8 times of the total volume of the aluminium (length*breath*thickness). Let''s have a simple example of 4 sqmm bus bar. Apply our equation, Current carry capacity of 35 sqmm bar= 0.8* 35 = 28 Amps. Learn More: Cable Gland Size Chart & Double Compression Cable Gland Chart.

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A good field reference for maintenance and troubleshooting is Ugly''s Electric Motor and Controls (Ugly''s Electric Motors And Controls, 2014 Edition). This calculator is based on information found in this reference guide, and can help electricians troubleshoot maintenance and control circuits.

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Wire Size 60 C (140 F) 75 C (167 F) AWG (mm²) Copper Aluminum Copper Aluminum The tables below are intended to be a general guide for wire size and amp ratings. Ampacities of insulated conductors 14 (2.1) 15-15-12 (3.3) 20 15 20 15 10 (5.3) 30 25 30 25 8 (8

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Branch circuit electrical wire sizes such as the #14 copper electrical wire shown just below are included in the tables on this page where we give wire sizes for circuits from 15A to 50A. Above is a close-up photo of a #14 copper wire against a millimeter scale. The divisions on the scale of my metal ruler each represent 1 mm.

What size wire should you use for 1000 amps?

 · There are a couple of choices. Single conductor is out of the question as it is physically too hard to work with. That type of current handling capacity is done with bus bars using bus trough. Parallel and triple runs of conductors is the more likely scenario Parallel runs of 750 MCM or triple runs of 400 MCM will give you a total ampacity of 1000 amps. A 750 MCM …

Flux-Core And MIG Welding Wire Types & Specification

 · It is used with 75/25 ar/CO2 or CO2. ER308, ER308L – Commonly used stainless steel MIG wire. The letter L stands for the maximum carbon content of 0.03%, which increases the resistance to intergranular corrosion. ER4043 – MIG wire for aluminum welding. An all-position wire used to weld heat treatable base alloys.

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 · Welding consumables should be stored in their original unopened packaging in an area shielded from the elements. Adequate storage, handling and re-conditioning of electrodes vary according to type. The summary below provides guidelines as to the proper storage of stick electrodes, flux-cored wires, metal-cored wires, and solid wires (mig wire ...

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Every Cable is unique in its appearance, utility and even performance. Your cable requirements are also unique. To calculate the exact sizes of the cables as per your requirements we have designed cable size calculator. Use it to calculate various cable …

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 · Our wire resistance calculator uses the following resistance formula: R = ρ * L / A. where. R is the resistance in Ω, ρ is the resistivity of material in Ω * m, L is the length of wire, A is the cross-sectional area of the wire. You can use this wire resistance calculator to estimate conductance too, since:

What size copper wire should I use to run 500 feet underground …

Hi At that distance I would use 250mcm copper. But the price tag might choke you. A more economical route might be to run 300mcm aluminum. Dont forget that you also need to run a separate ground wire with the service conductors. If you need more help please

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Aluminum Wire requires one size larger than copper to carry the same amps. Outdoor wire classified as SE or SEU is used to: Bring electrical service into buildings The type of electrical cable that has copper wires covered with paper and vinyl is ...

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The quickest way to evaluate the best choice for your welding process. Step 1: Select the process: FCW Flux Cored Wire. Step 2: Select your weld preparation: (Click on the closest one to your project) Butt Single V Butt Double V Butt Fillet. Step 3: Select your weld preparation (all variables are mandatories to proceed the calculation)

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Specify wiring that will withstand the worst conditions. The wire sizing guide below provides the minimum wire size needed to limit voltage drops to 5% at a given distance in a 12V or 24V system. If you want to limit your losses to 2% simply divide the distance by 2.5. For a 48V system multiply the distance taken from the 24V chart by 2.

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Look at the table of motor kW to cable size chart. The chart is prepared based on the direct online start and star-delta starting. Note that, using aluminium cable for low rating motor up to 1.5kW/2HP motor is not recommended. Here 2R indicates Two Run cables. The cable size chart is suitable for both single-phase and three-phase.

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The wire size chart below shows allowable ampacities of insulated conductors rated up to and including 2000 Volts, 60°C through 90°C (140°F through 194°F), not more than three current-carrying conductors in raceway, cable, or earth (directly buried), based on ambient air temperature of 30°C (86°F).

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The title of this one on eBay looks like a winner…. It mentions: Aluminum. Flux Core. Cored (for reassurance) Gasless. No mention of solid wire. But, wait—further down it lists Blue Demon''s part number for a one-pound spool of 0.035 diameter solid …

Flux Core Aluminum Welding Wire: What You Need to Know

Why No Flux Core Aluminum Welding Wire? Several problems prevent the use of FCAW aluminum wire. These include usability and quality issues. Hard to Feed Even solid aluminum wire is soft and tricky to feed. Just imagine trying to feed a hollowed-out flux ...


 · Deposition rate = 13.1 x (0.045) 2 x (300) x (1.0) = 7.96 lb/hr. Sample Calculation #3. Cubic feet of shielding gas needed for 5,000 ft of ¼ in fillet weld using 0.45 in solid wire, at a deposition rate = 7.96 lbs/hr and a typical shielding gas flow rate of 40 SCFH. From the first calculation, we know that we need 645 lb of solid wire for ...

What wire size should you use for 2000 amps?

 · Best Answer. Copy. 4C 400 sq mm copper cable run in parallel. <<>>. In North America to obtain feeders for 2000 amps you could use a triple run of 1500 MCM cable that will give you 2115 amps. A quad run of 700 MCM cable that will give you 2080 amps. A parallel run of 5C at 500 MCM cable that will give you 2150 amps.

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Calculating Wire/Cable Size formula for Three Phase Circuits. Wire Circular mils = √3 x 2 x ρ x I x L / (%Allowable Voltage drop of source voltage) Note: the Value of ρ = Specific resistance or resistivity of Conductor is used here for copper and aluminum is 12.9 and 21.2 respectively at …

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Alan Wire has an extensive collection of professional resources that can help you determine the best product for your needs. Check out our Copper to Aluminum wire size

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Calculating Wire/Cable Size formula for Three Phase Circuits. Wire Circular mils = √3 x 2 x ρ x I x L / (% Allowable Voltage drop of source voltage ) Note: the Value of ρ = Specific resistance or resistivity of Conductor is used here for copper and aluminum is 11.2 and 17.4 respectively at 53° C (127° F) Also check the "Good to know ...

Use of Aluminium Wire Armour for Single Core Cables

 · Re: Use of Aluminium Wire Armour for Single Core Cables 08/03/2011 12:02 PM For the same reason mentioned above, apart from armour, anything 1C cable passes through like gland plate, metallic conduits etc. should also be of non magnetic material.